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Michael Lewis

July 1, 2014
The case of the broken door knob

SALAVADOR, Brazil -- The main topic of today's diary is a door knob. Yes a door knob.

Actually, it is the door knob of our room, Room 1003 at the Sol Victoria Marina Hotel.

It is falling off. It was loose when we checked in on Monday night, but it has gotten progressively worse from the wear and tear of opening the door (how rude of us!).

I fear if we jiggle the knob too much it will fall off.

Also, we have been given one key to the room -- and that's not a modern 21st Century keycard -- but an old-fashioned metal key. So, if Filip or I leave the room and go our separate ways, we have to know the options of where the key holder will be for the other person to know where to find him.

So when Filip went to dinner outside the hotel Monday night, there were several options of where I could be:

* At the hotel restaurant

* At another restaurant

* Or in the room

The solution was that if we both left the room, we would leave the key at the reception desk.

And with the door knob now ready to fall off -- we have alerted the hotel of the situation -- we have to make sure someone now is always in the room to open the door.

On Tuesday we have been like a relay team.

I went down to look for a hotel gym (there was none), so I went to breakfast. Filip stayed in the room.

Filip went out to run and I remained behind, writing this piece.

I was not impressed with the breakfast selection, compared to our hotel in Sao Paulo. It was held in an outside area, so the fruit had to be covered and I decided not to make any cheese sandwiches for consumption at the game because it did not look in good condition.

The sad part of this is that this is a FIFA media hotel, approved by FIFA. Yes, an official media hotel.

I think FIFA president and Sepp Blatter and his cronies are so far removed from the real world as the rest of us know it, that they don't care or don't know how we live.

BTW, Filip is blaming me for breaking the door knob because he claimed I slammed the door too much with the bolt open. I don't recall doing that. He is writing about that in his New York Daily News diary, which will appear in Thursday's paper. So, I am proclaiming my innocence in my Wednesday diary, a day earlier.

So, this diary is a pre-emptive counterattack for my response.

A pre-emptive counterattack? Is that possible? Sounds like an oxymoron.

P.S. -- They eventually came to fix the doorknob, but in some respects, it was a bit too late. I left for the game about an hour later.

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