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Michael Lewis

June 28, 2014
Weary sportswriters are fraying at the edges

By Michael Lewis Editor

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- It is almost three weeks into this adventure for many of the American media and there is a certain amount of weariness that has crept into our bodies and souls.

Our memories have been unreliable, usually at the most inopportune times and our nerves have become frayed on occasion.

I mean, we essentially have been living and working together in such a close environment for such a long time. Just about everyone is going to have his or her moment, sometimes multiple moments.

Our forgetfulness has reached world-class levels.

Most of our problems have come from a never-ending schedule around flights to and from venues. We usually leave early in the morning or very late at night.

We have tried to keep our sense of humor, but sometimes we have to let off some steam.

I have not done a survey of the other media personnel, but at one time or another passports have been lost, computer power cords left behind, notebooks misplaced, credit cards stolen or misplaced and various things left in our hotel rooms when they should have been taken on trips.

I won't mention anyone because yours truly has been guilty of leaving his power cord at his seat in the media tribune (that's a press box), but fortunately I remembered in time to recover it before it became a real disaster, and my notebook at Sao Paulo FC, although U.S. Soccer director of communications Neil Buethe found it and brought it to Manaus.

Incredibly, some of the media still had the energy to party into the wee hours of the morning and until sunrise. I will not mention any names to protect the guilty. But I will give you a little clue -- it wasn't me or my roommate, Filip Bondy.

Most of us still have our wits, well most of our wits.

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